Ark of Redemption

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The Ark of Redemption is a 501(c)3 organization operating a shelter hosting cats that is located at 1041 Mediterranean Avenue on the north end of Columbus, Ohio. At present, the Ark has three board members: Dennis Swartz, Dr. Sarah Erwin, and Jason Foo.
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The Ark started as a rescue facilitator. We proactively sought out reputable rescues to help people who had posted on Facebook forums needing help with a sick, injured, or pregnant homeless cat. We also reached out to fosters when the rescues were full to host the cat temporarily until a vacancy became available. As more people started to approach us for help, we decided that having our own shelter would allow us to do more.
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President, Shelter Director & Board MemberTreasurer & Board MemberVeterinarian & Board Member
Assistant Shelter DirectorShelter ManagerShelter Manager 2
Logistics ManagerAnimal Behavior ManagerBusiness & Outreach Manager
Assistant Marketing ManagerSocial Media Manager / TikTok LeadSocial Media Manager Instagram Lead