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All the cats the Ark adopts out are rescues.

They have been fixed, vaccinated, combo tested, and microchipped.

We take time to allow the cats to be socialized and

trusting of humans again because many have suffered

at the hands of cruel or irresponsible pet owners.

To date the Ark has rescued over 300 cats

and each cat has a story to tell. Come visit the Ark and

witness the amazing transformation of these beautiful furbabies!

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3 months to 1 year old

Kittens are curious and full of energy. They will keep you entertained but require significantly more time to supervise and care for. Do you have patience and time to play and interact with them? Their full personality won't emerge until later so be prepared!

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2 to 9 years old

Adult cats have moments

of playfulness but also enjoy

just hanging out with you.

They make good companions and are often more cuddly than a kitten. Their personality is already formed, so it's likely what you see is what you'll get once you bring them home!

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10+ years old

Senior cats know when they've been rescued, and will provide you with undying loyalty and love for the years to come. They tend to be more laid back than their younger counterparts and will prefer to hang out with you on the sofa for the rest of their days.

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no age range

Special needs cats are no different than regular cats. They just require more attention and care due to a disability or health ailment. Bonded pairs refer to pairs that we adopt out together because they are very close with each other.

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