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Since our inception in April 2021 to date, we have worked diligently to rescue over 300 cats. We have found homes for cats outside of Ohio, such as in New York, Pennsylvania, and even as far as Texas. The cases we work on are documented in detail on our Facebook group page to ensure full visibility and accountability from the time a request for help is made, to the time the cat is finally rehomed. Below are some of the cases that we assisted with.

Sunny_eyes open_300.png

The Redemption

We were approached for help with rehoming 12 cats from a shelter that was closing down in Shenandoah PA. Our volunteers drove 16 hours straight to pick up the cats and bring them safely back to Columbus. The cats were then fostered and eventually rehomed through various rescues. 

Ninja Prolapsed Kitten

A lady had a litter of kittens from a pregnant mama cat and was overwhelmed. In particular, one of the kittens had a prolapsed rectum. We were able to get a rescue help this kitten. The foster ended up adopting Ninja as a birthday present to herself.

2 kitties.jpg

A Tale of Two Kitties

We were approached to help a father/son duo that had been neglected by the owner, who was pregnant. Her mother who visited the home was concerned as the cats were not fed adequately. We eventually got a hold of both cats and found them to be starving and dehydrated. They were flea infested and had worms too. We were unable to save the father cat; he had an infection that spread throughout his body and had to be euthanized. We were able to help the son and he got adopted by a lady who felt connected to his life story.

Dave, Max, and Bandit

An elderly lady who took in strays in rural Kentucky was overwhelmed by sick cats for which she had no funds to get vet care. We stepped in to help get the cats treated and worked with two rescues to foster and eventually adopt out these friendly strays. These cats had URI, skin issues, fleas, worms, and dental needs. It took some time for recovery but once healed, they all got adopted quickly.

Three Cats Playing
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